The Loco Charlie Mexican restaurant in Palm Springs, California, is known for two things: its margaritas and everything you can eat, ranchero, fajitas, tacos and all are excellent. This restaurant has been in existence and has developed a variety of very loyal customers. Travelers also like to dine here due to the quality of food, fantastic surroundings making dining pleasurable. Although it is well known for its turkey tacos, this is a good place to dine anytime. Their food is always fresh and well prepared, and their service is usually above average. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and their prices are very reasonable.

From time to time someone tells me that the food here is not authentic Mexican food (most of these people are not Mexicans or Spaniards and have never been to Mexico before). When I ask them why they think the food is not authentic, they say the food is not spicy or spicy. They say that Mexican food is very hot because of all the chili added during cooking. Well, I have news for these people, not all Mexicans love their crisp food and many who like it, they like to add their pounds while they eat.

Discover Loco Charlie’s Restaurant in Palm Springs

Every Mexican who eats here loves the way the food is prepared and likes the chili peppers and sauces served with the food. My half-Mexican son loves his hot, hotter, and better food, but this is one of his favorite Mexican restaurant Palm Springs. He says that neither food nor sauces are comparable to those of his mother or grandmother, but they are better than those served in most of the Mexican restaurants in which he was. Even the breakfast here includes Huevos Rancheros to traditional American, providing best breakfast to be had the beginning of the day.