Saturday, 29 Feb 2020

GT_Ofice launches his most recent EDM track “Live My Life”

GT_Ofice launches his most recent EDM track "Live My Life"

GT_Ofice also known as “Caine” is a talented independent artist based in NYC, that has recently launched his new track “Live My Life”, including enchanting vocals by Amber. The song is a blend of EDM and Pop, that makes it perfect for clubs as well as an awesome enhancement to the auto playlist. It starts with splendid as well as stable beats complied with by beautiful vocals from Amber. The verses of the song, starting with “Don’t tell me how to live my life, cuz I do not live to please” are well assumed and catchy.

Gt_Ofice created an early interest in songs as well as at the age of 11, he began taking the rate of interest in Hip Hop and also rap songs. He spent years exercising and grasping the art of music composing after which he got the possibility to execute in some of the significant clubs in New York City, Las Vegas, as well as Miami. His one-of-a-kind design of music along with a positive and also interactive method of efficiency has made him one of the favorite performers throughout different nightclubs.Inspired by the favorable comments from his good friends and also fans, Caine made a decision to develop initial songs as an independent musician.

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